World Lung Cancer Day: August 1st

World Lung cancer day, traditionally observed in August, provides an opportunity for healthcare providers and communities to spread awareness about lung cancer and offer advice and guidance on how to spot and prevent lung cancer, and improve current treatment outcomes and patients’ experience.

Living with Lung Cancer

Getting a cancer diagnosis is a life changing event, but it doesn’t mean your life has to stop there. Thanks to new treatments and innovations in home healthcare, more and more people are living with lung cancer for longer, and surviving.

Need a Break from Coronavirus News?

March certainly came in like a lion and did not go out like a lamb. As the coronavirus pandemic became increasingly dire, and people across the nation hunkered down in their homes glued to their tv’s, watching the news became a gloomy national ritual.

Flu Vaccine and Cancer

Many people with cancer (and survivors) may be wondering how they can best prevent getting sick, and if they should […]

Surviving Cancer

If you have never heard the words “you have cancer”, then what I am about to explain may defy logic, […]